In My Own Words :: Video Advance Directive
IN MY OWN WORDS® is an advance directive video recording service that allows you to create a video record of your advance directives. The video version will enhance your written advance directives and not replace them. Nothing is more compelling than a video representation of you describing the care you will want for yourself if you were to become incapacitated.

Wishes For My Care

The Video version of your advance directive allows you to make many choices about your care.

In addition to reiterating your life support decisions, in a video advance directive you can request music in your hospital room, a visit from your pet, someone to hold your hand, or share words of love and encouragement with you.

The Wishes for My Care form gives you suggestions for your care. You can download it or print it and make your selections. You can also create options of your own. Once you have filled out this form you can use it as a guide while making your video.

You can preview or download the Wishes fo My Care form by clicking here. For more information related to the In My Own Words® video advance directive program, please visit the Forms page.

Convenient and Personal

The video can be instantly available since it will be stored on a Flash Drive, DVD, CD, or the Internet. It can be easily downloaded to a cell phone, iPod or other music / video player. Copies of the video can be sent to your family, physician, attorney, or health care facility at your request. Visit the Storage Options page for more details.

What are Advance Directives?

The State of California Attorney General says ...

An "advance health care directive" lets your physician, family and friends know your health care preferences, including the types of special treatment you want or don't want at the end of life, your desire for diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and organ donation.

By considering your options early, you can ensure the quality of life that is important to you. Your family will not have to guess your wishes or have to make critical medical care decisions for you under stress or in emotional turmoil. From AG CA Office

recalling terry schiavo

Terry SchiavoTerri Schiavo taught the nation an unforgettable lesson, the indisputable value of having an advance directive. In 1990, at 33 years of age, Terri Schiavo had cardiac arrest. Paramedics tried in vain to revive her but she fell into a Persistent Vegetative State (PVS). In the beginning she was given rehabilitation to no avail. Her husband earned degrees in respiratory therapy and emergency room nursing in order to help her recover.

After more than 8 years in a PVS, he began efforts to have her feeding tube disconnected to let her die in peace. Her parents fought against him, and since Terri did not have a written advance directive, the case was litigated in court for more than seven years. The court decided to allow removal of the feeding tube, twice. However, subsequent court decisions had it reinserted. In 2005, it was removed for a third and final time. Terri Schiavo passed away peacefully within two weeks of the removal.

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